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Connect in Community

We believe that connection is a vital key to a Lovely Life. Our community celebrates diversity and exists to help all types of women connect with each other. Come just as you are! Join us as we share ourselves, our passions, and our experiences in order to build each other up as women. Our hope is that you will find friendship and inspiration through our Lovely Life Community, and that we would encourage one another to walk in freedom and authenticity.

How does Lovely Life Community work?

In our free online community you can ask questions, start discussions, and share resources. Have you dreamed of starting a book club? Have you ever wished that you knew someone else that enjoyed the same podcast so you could discuss the latest release? Are you a birder, kickboxer, or amateur botanist? Use our community as a platform to meet other women that have similar interests. We want to provide the soil for an abundant garden of connections to flourish.

Social Media

We decided to place a majority of our community content on our own website to avoid the distractions that often comes with social media sites. When you visit our community it should feel like going to your favorite nature spot or friend's house, not a busy mega mall. However, we would love to see glimpses inside your world, so if Instagram is your jam please tag us when you capture a Lovely Life moment. #lovelylifecompany.

How to join the community

Joining the community is simple. Follow the link, answer the questions and complete your log in. 

Who is the community for?

Lovely Life community exists to serve women of all backgrounds. Our community is nonsectarian and we celebrate the diversity that this brings.

You don't need more drama

The Lovely Life community is a safe place to rest and share. If you want to debate, argue or stir the pot we ask that you do it elsewhere. Think of our community as a place of refuge in a the midst of a war. We want out community to be refreshing and restful. Members are screened and the code of conduct ensures that all forum content is not offensive or divisive. Please leave your posts about politics, multilevel marketing, and personal business promotions at the door. 


The Lovely Life community is free to join and provides lots of encouragement! 

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