Lovely Life offers a quarterly subscription box that is aimed at encouraging women and several limited edition one time gift boxes that can be sent to cheer a friend or celebrate a birthday. 


Our quarterly subscription box serves as a gentle reminder that you matter and will encourage you to rest, reflect and nourish yourself so that you can offer the best version of yourself to your loved ones.  Think of our boxes as a hug from a community of women who are rooting for you. When you subscribe you will receive a box as each season changes. 

Our one time gift boxes are carefully curated and only available for a limited time. Each batch of boxes is unique and is sure to make any woman smile.

We believe that connection is a vital key to a lovely life. Our community celebrates diversity and exists to help all types of women connect with each other. Come just as you are!

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Homeschooling? The Lovely Life World History Guide is here!  

“Sarah reminded me that I am more than a homeschool mom and may need a little time away from the kids because there is more to life than homeschooling, but she also reminded me that we could all use some fun and laughter during school. It was the change in my thinking I had needed. Though, I am still feeing my way around, I am grateful for her wisdom and encouragement as I start down this new path.”


Calgary Candada

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Lovely Life Company exists to encourage women to prioritize rest and connection, so that they are able to kindle curiosity, pursue their passions, and thrive as a whole person. We nourish women through our subscription boxes and our refreshing online community.


 We believe that women should thrive in all areas of their lives and that a whole-person approach to supporting women will deliver the best chance of a Lovely Life.

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